To remain relevant in a business environment that is in constant transformation, is critical to be able to adapt to new organizational scenarios and to new market rules.

Does your organization face internal challenges due to unsatisfactory results, a corporate merger, a restructuring processes, the arrival of a new leadership or changes in the leadership team? Has your market changed unexpectedly due to disruptive innovations, the entry of new competitors or the introduction of the digital economy’s new business models?

Strategic planning in 3 phases 

We develop our Strategic Planning practice following a three-step process that is then adjusted to each particular organization to match their specific needs and requirements.


Based on a thorough situational analysis, the purpose of this phase is to later design the business strategy that will include the definition of a long-term goal, agreeing the strategic focus and long-mid term objectives for each of them, as well as the definition of a set of projects to reach these objectives.

This first phase is achieved on a 2 to 3 days workshop where the entire management team participates. In addition, before and after the workshop participants are required to go through some readiness tasks.


The complete set of strategic projects is categorized, prioritized, timed and scaled down to the current year to make it fully operational. Further the current management process is reviewed and adjusted to ensure an ongoing progress follow up for each of the strategic projects.

In this phase, the management team and the leaders of each of the strategic projects participates in a 1 to 1.5 days workshop.


To ensure the strategic plan stays relevant and up-to-date, a mid-year health check of the overall portfolio of strategic projects and annual in-depth review of the overall plan is carried out involving the management team and the leaders in charge of each of the strategic projects.

These translates into two workshops, the health check one taking 1 day and the in-depth review taking 2 days.

Can you imagine what you could achieve if you had your team truly around a shared long-term goal and a roadmap that drives growth, profitability and competitiveness over period of several years?


Development of strategic plans and change management.


Development of Strategic Vision and Planning skills.


→ In-company training session for high employees requiring a higher level of strategic thinking and planning skills.

→ Content structure: key long-term planning concepts, strategic formulation, strategy execution and monitoring.



→ Understand the origin of the current context of accelerated change and how it is impacting business across industries.

→ Get to know new analysis tools and put them in practice to formulate long-term goals and objectives.

→ Practice how to define strategic projects and initiatives in such a way that makes their execution and monitoring easier.

→ Understand how to maintain the strategic plan effective and relevant over time.


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