Reacting to changes with diligence and elevating the pace of innovation is essential to remain relevant in a market in constant transformation.

Do you systematically innovate? Is the cycle of innovation, from the initial idea to the success of new products, processes or services, is becoming faster and more efficient? Do you engage customers, suppliers, startups and other parties outside your organization in your innovation initiatives? Do you know what your competitive environment will be like in the longer term?

Big changes: bigger opportunities

New technologies, increasing globalization, new market trends, increasingly demanding customer demands, new competitors, the proliferation of start-ups... are all challenges that can become opportunities to accelerate innovation in your organization.


→ We can help you get it

How do we help you accelerate innovation and lead the change?

The innovation model of transForma Partnering consists of four stages that feedback and follow each other continuously:

1. Exploration and inspiration
2. Innovation strategy
3. Innovation projects
4. Measure, learn and improve


Boost innovation and entrepreneurship within your organization


Innovate when everything changes. Inspiration workshop for managers.


→ An inspirational session for managers.

→ Content structure: the new competitive scenario, innovation models, identification of relevant opportunities and prioritization.



→ To recognize and strategically manage challenges and opportunities raised by new technologies and by new industry players.

→ To inspire the management team and to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude in their organizations.


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We know that every challenge has the potential to become an opportunity. Making that happen is a matter of leadership, method, content and strategic vision.
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