"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" Vincent van Gogh  

transForma is a Strategy and Business Consulting Firm

What do we do?

We help readdress your strategy and develop the roadmap to implement it effectively, with the aim to leverage the challenges and opportunities that impact your business. We go along with you in the implementation of the strategic roadmap, supporting the change process, developing teams’ performance, promoting innovation across the organization and raising commercial effectiveness by providing on each step methodology, contents and strategic vision.

When would you be interested in leveraging our experience?

Whenever your organization is facing major changes and requires a strategic reorientation to optimize your current business or transform it into a new one.

Whether the challenges come from outside…
• Unexpected changes in the market
• Emergence of disruptive innovations
• Impact of the digital economy
• Entry of new competitors

Or they are generated inside…
• A new leader takes over
• Changes in executive teams
• Unsatisfactory results
• Restructuring or acquisition

We will join forces with you to interpret and integrate these challenges and turn them into competitive advantages for your organization.

How do we help you?

We apply our proven working models on each engagement:

• STRATEGIC PRINCIPLES: We will rethink the long-term vision by establishing a clear long-term goal supported by a set of objectives, while aligning the whole management team.

• STRATEGIC ROADMAP: We will build together a portfolio of strategic projects and initiatives, assigning roles and responsibilities, appropriate resources and timing.

• STRATEGY EXECUTION: We will go along with you throughout the journey, ensuring the execution of your projects’ and initiatives’ portfolio and making sure it stays relevant over time.

• CHANGE MANAGEMENT: We will help you align the entire organization to effectively execute your strategic roadmap, supporting the process with our proven change management model and practical experience.

• TEAMS’ PERFORMANCE: We will develop the necessary skills and competencies so that teams can operate at a higher performance to meet and exceed their goals.

• PROMOTING INNOVATION: We will formulate with you more innovative value propositions, raise efficiency across the organization and formulate intrapreneurship programs to industrialize innovation.

• COMMERCIAL EFFECTIVENESS: We will help develop sales and marketing skills to individuals and leaders, through an extensive portfolio of training seminars and on-the-job programs.

What is our focus?

Strategy Formulation
Strategic Roadmap
Effective Execution
Change Management
Team’s Performance
Promoting Innovation
Sales Effectiveness

What endorses us?


Because we leverage our experience in in many sectors and industries: from large multinational listed corporations to small and medium local businesses and we have worked with digital Start-ups.


Because we want to create positive and lasting impact, both in people and in businesses. Because we invest our five senses in our projects. We always aim for highest quality.


Because before starting up transForma, we have been successful executives. Because those organizations where we have intervened succeeded in driving the transformation they needed.

Shall we talk?

Are you facing important changes and challenges? Let's meet and understand how they can be transformed into advantages for your organization. No commitments nor obligations. You have nothing to lose, yet much to gain.