People’s cohesion, quality communication and alignment is key for teams and organizations as a whole to achieve superior results.

Are the management processes in your organization effective enough? Do all employees know the purpose of the company and are willing to strive to achieve it? Is work effectively delegated? Is leadership sufficiently developed?




Para conseguirlo es fundamental asegurar que en todos los niveles organizativos, cada uno de los equipos rinde al máximo de su potencial.

TransForma model for High Performance Teams

We apply a High Performance Team development model that identifies 6 key elements for a team to reach a higher level of results:

1. Shared objective

All team members share the same vision, have a common goal and a plan to achieve it.

2. Established leadership

The team has an accepted, flexible leader, capable of driving change and motivating team members.

3. Personal effectiveness

Team members understand the impact of their roles and responsibilities and use time and resources efficiently.

4. Excellent communication

Communication flows naturally and members give honest feedback to each other.

5. Strong relationships

Team members trust each other and conflicts are managed effectively.

6. Effective processes

There are well-designed management processes that facilitate problem solving and decision making.

Our team of consultants dives into each of these 6 elements of the model through theoretical content and practical exercises.

Elements that affect the productivity of a team...

...they can be evaluated with different diagnosis tools.
...they can address disfunction through specific actions.

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Manage time and resources effectively. Incorporate habits to improve productivity as well as physical and intellectual well-being.


Reconducting tensions and resolving differences. Understanding the emotional and rational dimension of conflicts in order to reach agreements where all parts feel they have won.


Inspiring trust and leading change. Create a climate of trust, set a shared goal and drive change in the organisation.


Development service for executives and managers to understand the state of mind of their collaborators, and to discover the tools they have at their disposal to manage the emotions that can limit their performance.


Ensure that meetings achieve the expected results and that participants feel that their time is well spent through appropriate leadership.


Build trust among team members. Encourage the desire to collaborate through trust for more agile and shared decision making.

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