Markets across industries are increasingly competitive and the offering of products and services is also getting more and more crowded. In such competitive scenario with less space for differentiation, a skilled salesforce makes a real difference by building trust-based relationships with customers.

Are your salesmen capable to identify the deeper needs of your customers? Do they know how buyer decision-making process works and how they can influence it? And above all... is your sales team ready to exceed customers’ expectations in their interactions with them?



TransForma's Commercial Efficiency model is a 6-step process (preparation, probing, formulation, verification, commitment and loyalty) applicable to different commercial situations such as Consultative Selling, Prescriptive Selling, Strategic Selling or Sales Negotiation.

To achieve maximum commercial effectiveness, in addition to following these six steps, it is essential to develop interpersonal skills such as Personal Productivity, Neuro-leadership or Territory Management and other interpersonal like Persuasive Communications, Neuro-Sales, Emotional Intelligence and Communication adapted to Personality Styles, among others.


Turn your sales force into a competitive advantage.


Evaluate the commercial excellence of your company or business unit


→ A complete analysis of the state of the commercial area, which identifies emerging issues and relevant facts of accessing to customers, opening new business opportunities and sorting out obstacles to reach the full sales potential of the company.

→ List of proposals and recommendations to grow the business in the short and medium term.



→ To grow beyond market growth and above competitors.

→ To find new ideas to increase the company or business unit growth and profitability.


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